Sunday, January 27, 2013

Road Trip! 2012

Road Trip to Utah! 

We had a great trip to Utah. I was nervous about the drive, but we were very lucky and had bare roads the whole way! 

 We saw lots of family! Routsons-Westra's

We had a blast watching Todd's kids open up the masive amount of presents! Reminded me of my childhood!  Thanks Todd for sharing. 

Fun dinner with Christina and Angela and Shawn. 

4 days of great skiing at Park City! The weather was great. Fresh snow and a few sunny moments! 

Little Angel! 

Our way home started cold, but clear roads till we got to Yakima. A storm was brewing there and we ran into some very icy fog. But we made it thru. A big bus went off the road that was about an hour behind us. So I feel very blessed to have made it home in one piece. The Jeep drove great and Gary was a great driver. Thanks! 

Yeah! Fun Times! 

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