Sunday, January 27, 2013

Road Trip! 2012

Road Trip to Utah! 

We had a great trip to Utah. I was nervous about the drive, but we were very lucky and had bare roads the whole way! 

 We saw lots of family! Routsons-Westra's

We had a blast watching Todd's kids open up the masive amount of presents! Reminded me of my childhood!  Thanks Todd for sharing. 

Fun dinner with Christina and Angela and Shawn. 

4 days of great skiing at Park City! The weather was great. Fresh snow and a few sunny moments! 

Little Angel! 

Our way home started cold, but clear roads till we got to Yakima. A storm was brewing there and we ran into some very icy fog. But we made it thru. A big bus went off the road that was about an hour behind us. So I feel very blessed to have made it home in one piece. The Jeep drove great and Gary was a great driver. Thanks! 

Yeah! Fun Times! 

December 2012 Festivities!

House is decorated! Getting in the spirit! 
Andrew made dinner for homework!  It was great! 

Phase One of Andrews mouth getting fixed. 
A MARA was installed to help fix his bite. Then next year they will put braces on to fix the missing tooth problem. 
 Vincents last game with the Hurricanes- Lake Hills Select soccer team. 
Bitter sweet. It will be fun to see what they grow up to be. 

Vincent heading to Utah to visit Christina and escort her to a Winter dance. 

Sandy ready for Christmas! Looking very sweet. 

Kelsie Crandall got married in the Seattle Temple. Fun to see her so happy and of course fun to see all the cousins and family. 
 Allie and Allison, David and Rebekah

Room mates from College

Sarchet Early Christmas! 
So we could head to Utah for the Christmas break and go skiing! 

Nothing says Christmas like matching Plants vs Zombie pajamas! 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Thanksgiving day fun

Start off the day getting the Prime Rib in the oven for a nice slow cook!  Yum! 

Then off to Kelsey Creek park for some wet cold football. 


The 6th Ward gang

Before dinner Rebekah and I wanted to get some good family portraits done. Yeah, they turned out great! 




Gingerbread houses! 

 Piano time! 

 Skype time with Westra's in Utah

Finally done after a big mess and lots of fun! 

Thanks for Hosting the Dinner David and Rebekah! We had a great time!